Binus Serpong
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Jalan Binus School, Kecamatan Serpong Utara, Banten 15310
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Binus Serpong Facilities

  • Soccer field
  • 1 futsal court
  • Indoor badminton, volleyball, basketball court
  • Cafeteria building with multiple vendors
  • Landscaped courtyard (ECY/Elementary)
  • Wireless connections in public areas
  • Multiple Computer labs throughout school
  • Performing Arts Studios and Music Rooms
  • Visual Art Studios
  • Green Belt & Recreational Zones (Phase 3)

Teachers and Classrooms

  • Excellent teacher to student ratio in every class to ensure that each student receives individual attention
  • More than one teacher per class for ECY
  • Language specialists to ensure language proficiency
  • Support teachers available to team up with elementary classroom teachers for specific learning activities and behavior management
  • Teachers and support staff are highly skilled and experienced local and expatriate teachers with commendable communication skills in English and other taught languages (Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin)
  • Capable mentoring and counseling skills
  • On-going training in latest international best-practice pedagogy, youth development and classroom management skills


The ECY seeks to build upon the creativity and the joy of discovery in every child in order to allow the positive development of each child’s potential in the formative years. The philosophy is to provide a nurturing, secure & positive educational environment so that each child will be cherished and encouraged as we celebrate every step of his or her growth and achievement in a unique way.

Our students are actively involved in a dynamic curriculum that is designed to cater to “turning on” the eight multiple-intelligences or eight kinds of “smart” found within each child; BodySmart, WordSmart, PeopleSmart, SelfSmart, ImageSmart, SoundSmart, LogicSmart, NatureSmart.

Our students are actively involved in a dynamic curriculum that is designed to cater to “turning on” the eight multiple-intelligences or eight kinds of “smart” found within each child; BodySmart, WordSmart, PeopleSmart, SelfSmart, ImageSmart, SoundSmart, LogicSmart, NatureSmart.


Following on from the ECY Programme, teachers continue to facilitate the students to build a class community. Our Elementary Programme celebrates the strengths and differences of each individual child and encourages the practice of the Six Pillars of Character.

Innovative spirit is an important aspect of our school culture. To develop our future forward thinkers, we encourage every member of our community to consider and develop innovations that better our daily lives in large or small ways. Each success, no matter how small, will be applauded.


The faculty and staff of the Middle and High School warmly welcome all in our Home for Learning. This is where they will be honed to achieve their unique potential in a strong supportive environment, which amply enables them to cope with the demands of the school. Their 6-year learning journey with us will be a memorable milestone in the students’ personal growth, opening doors to placements in top local and overseas universities and ultimately success in life beyond the walls of the school.

Practical features in the Middle School include:

  • A broad range of subjects that cover local & international content. Information Communication Technology (ICT), Science, General and Social streams are offered at Grades 9 & 11 deliver a customised education for students.
  • Discovery of their aptitude & talents through exploration
  • Development of higher order thinking and analytical skills are progressively nurtured.
  • These skills are the factors for Cambridge assessment and eventual success in life.
  • Importance of self-discipline and strong moral character is emphasised
    • Student-led School Coaching Programmes (SCP) are encouraged
    • Planning, leadership and presentation skills are evident in various student activities, as well as class and level assemblies.


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically… Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights leader (1929-1968)

This is the critical time when we support the final stages of development and growth before our youth transit into adulthood where they will have more independence and choices together with responsibility.

In these High School years, students will:

  • Have increased opportunities to exercise leadership in heading Student Council and the various student organisations, being role models for younger students and organising Service learning projects to reach out to the wider community
  • Be given diagnostic tests and career counseling to help students choose the right university courses to read based on their assessed career inclinations. Close guidance in their university application process to enhance acceptance into choice universities
  • Participate in the University Fair Day which brings together top local and overseas universities to share information on their entry requirements and application procedures
  • Receive strong scholastic support needed to help them consolidate their learning, culminating in excellent performance at the Cambridge A Level examinations

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